Brookleas Fish Farm is a small, independently run farm based in East Hendred. It is owned and managed by Tim Lobb.  Established in 1979 on the Ginge Brook, it is the last trout farm in Oxfordshire where all the fish are reared in fresh chalk water, rising from clear spring sources only a few miles upstream.  

Over the years, as well as farming trout and running our own small ‘catch your own’, we have grown and sold coarse fish, stocked fisheries, netted lakes and worked in many areas of aquaculture.  Hence, we have experienced the frustration of juggling suppliers and trying to bring a job together on time. A lot of time has been wasted phoning around looking for supplies; whether it be trout fingerlings, crayfish, smoking or netting equipment etc. Tim has, for a long time, felt it would be much easier to have all this information in one place in order to make his work hours more efficient.  Many smaller farms have very few, if any, staff and any time and effort that can be saved is vital.

This led to the founding of Trout Trader. One simplified co-ordinated system is the aim and Tim believes that Trout Trader will serve this purpose, for his own farm and others.

Trout Trader is an easy to use ‘one stop shop’ for all your fish farming, fishery and aquaculture requirements.  Instead of spending your valuable time searching for stock and equipment let us do the hard work for you.

For a yearly subscription, fish farmers, fishery owners, enthusiasts and suppliers can use a centralised system to cover all needs.  All you have to do is let us know what you want to buy or sell and we will list your details. You can advertise all types of fish stock as well as new and second-hand equipment.  Purchasers and sellers can then deal directly with each other without the hassle of the search. 

There are different categories relating to all aspects of the industry plus a directory for larger feed and equipment suppliers.

Once you have paid your one-off yearly subscription, you can advertise as many times as you like.